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Place of Origin: Germany  Brand Name: SIEMENS

Model Number: 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0  Usage: touch screen

Theory: Inductance Sensor  Output: Analog Sensor

weight: 2KG  delivery: in stock

warranty: 1 year amend period

SIMATIC HMI TP700 Comfort, Comfort Panel, Touch operation, 7"

widescreen TFT display, 16 million colors, PROFINET interface,

MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface, 12 MB configuration memory,

Windows CE 6.0, configurable from WinCC Comfort V11

General information

Product type designation :TP700 Comfort


Design of display :TFT

Screen diagonal :7 in

Display width :152.4 mm

Display height :91.4 mm

Number of colors :16 777 216

Resolution (pixels)

● Horizontal image resolution :800 Pixel

● Vertical image resolution :480 Pixel


● MTBF backlighting (at 25 °C) :80 000 h

● Backlight dimmable :Yes; 0-100 %

Control elements

Keyboard fonts

● Function keys

— Number of function keys :0

● Keys with LED :No

● System keys :No

● Numeric keyboard :Yes; Onscreen keyboard

● alphanumeric keyboard :Yes; Onscreen keyboard

Touch operation

● Design as touch screen :Yes

Expansions for operator control of the process

● DP direct LEDs (LEDs as S7 output I/O)

— F1...Fx :0

● Direct keys (keys as S7 input I/O)

— F1...Fx :0

● Direct keys (touch buttons as S7 input I/O) :32

Installation type/mounting

Mounting position :vertical

Mounting in portrait format possible :Yes

Mounting in landscape format possible :Yes

maximum permissible angle of inclination without

external ventilation :35°

Supply voltage

Type of supply voltage :DC

Rated value (DC) :24 V

permissible range, lower limit (DC) :19.2 V

permissible range, upper limit (DC) :28.8 V

Input current

Current consumption (rated value) :0.5 A

Starting current inrush I²t :0.5 A²·s


Active power input, typ. :12 W


Processor type :X86


Flash :Yes

RAM :Yes

Memory available for user data :12 Mbyte

Type of output

Info LED :No

Power LED :No

Error LED :No


● Buzzer :No

● Speaker :Yes

Time of day


● Hardware clock (real-time) :Yes

● Software clock :Yes

● retentive :Yes; Back-up duration typically 6 weeks

● synchronizable :Yes


Number of industrial Ethernet interfaces :1; 2 ports (switch)

Number of RS 485 interfaces :1; RS 422 / 485 combined

Number of RS 422 interfaces :0; together with RS 485

Number of RS 232 interfaces :0

Number of USB interfaces :2; USB 2.0

● USB Mini B :1; 5-pole

Number of 20 mA interfaces (TTY) :0

Number of parallel interfaces :0

Number of other interfaces :0

Number of SD card slots :2

With software interfaces :No

Industrial Ethernet

● Industrial Ethernet status LED :2

● Number of ports of the integrated switch :2



Supports protocol for PROFINET IO :Yes

IRT :Yes; As of WinCC V12


MPI :Yes

Protocols (Ethernet)

● TCP/IP :Yes

● DHCP :Yes

● SNMP :Yes

● DCP :Yes

● LLDP :Yes

WEB characteristics

● HTTP :Yes

● HTTPS :Yes

● HTML :Yes

● XML :Yes

● CSS :Yes

● Active X :Yes

● JavaScript :Yes

● Java VM :No

Redundancy mode

● MRP :Yes; As of WinCC V12

Further protocols

● CAN :No

● EtherNet/IP :Yes



Emission of radio interference acc. to EN 55 011

● Limit class A, for use in industrial areas :Yes

● Limit class B, for use in residential areas :No

Degree and class of protection

IP (at the front) :IP65

Enclosure Type 4 at the front :Yes

Enclosure Type 4x at the front :Yes

IP (rear) :IP20

Standards, approvals, certificates

CE mark :Yes

cULus :Yes

RCM (formerly C-TICK) :Yes

KC approval :Yes

Use in hazardous areas

● ATEX Zone 2 :Yes

● ATEX Zone 22 :Yes

● IECEx Zone 2 :Yes

● IECEx Zone 22 :Yes

● cULus Class I Zone 1 :No

● cULus Class I Zone 2, Division 2 :Yes

● FM Class I Division 2 :Yes

Marine approval

● Germanischer Lloyd (GL) :Yes

● American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) :Yes

● Bureau Veritas (BV) :Yes

● Det Norske Veritas (DNV) :Yes

● Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) :Yes

● Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK) :Yes

● Polski Rejestr Statkow (PRS) :No

● Operation (vertical installation)

— For vertical installation, min. :0 °C

— For vertical installation, max. :50 °C; (55 °C, see entry ID: 64847814)

● Operation (max. tilt angle)

— At maximum tilt angle, min. :0 °C

— At maximum tilt angle, min. :40 °C

● Operation (vertical installation, portrait format)

— For vertical installation, min. :0 °C

— For vertical installation, max. :40 °C

● Operation (max. tilt angle, portrait format)

— At maximum tilt angle, min. :0 °C

— At maximum tilt angle, min. :35 °C

Ambient temperature during storage/transportation

● min. :-20 °C

● max. :60 °C

Relative humidity

● Operation, max. :90 %; no condensation


Online languages

● Number of online/runtime languages :32

Project languages

● Languages per project :32

Message system

● Number of alarm classes :32

● Bit messages

— Number of bit messages :4 000

● Analog messages

— Number of analog messages :200

● S7 alarm number procedure :Yes

● System messages HMI :Yes

● System messages, other (SIMATIC S7,

Sinumerik, Simotion, etc.) :Yes

● Number of characters per message :80

● Number of process values per message :8

● Acknowledgment groups :Yes

● Message indicator :Yes

● Message buffer

— Number of entries :1 024

— Circulating buffer :Yes

— retentive :Yes

— maintenance-free :Yes

Recipe management

● Number of recipes :300

● Data records per recipe :500

● Entries per data record :1 000

● Size of internal recipe memory :2 Mbyte、



● Printer :Yes

● SIMATIC HMI MM memory card: Multi Media

Card :Yes; Up to 128 MB

● SIMATIC HMI SD memory card: Secure Digital

memory card :Yes; Up to 2 GB

● SIMATIC HMI CF memory card Compact Flash

Card :No

● USB memory :Yes

● SIMATIC IPC USB Flashdrive (USB stick) :Yes; Up to 16 GB

● SIMATIC HMI USB stick :Yes; Up to 8 GB

● Network camera :Yes


Enclosure material (front)

● Plastic :No

● Aluminum :Yes

● Stainless steel :No


Width of the housing front :214 mm

Height of housing front :158 mm

Mounting cutout, width :197 mm

Mounting cutout, height :141 mm

Overall depth :63 mm


Weight without packaging :1.4 kg

Weight incl. packaging :1.6 kg


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