For Siemens Simatic 300 SM 322

6ES7 322-1BH01-0AA0
SIMATIC S7-300, Digital output SM 322, isolated, 16 DO, 24 V DC, 0.5A, 1x 20-pole, Total current 4 A/group (8 A/module)
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6ES7 322-1BH01-0AA0

SIMATIC S7-300, Digital output SM 322, isolated, 16 DO, 24 V DC, 0.5A, 1x 20-pole, Total current 4 A/group (8 A/module)

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6ES7 322-1BH01-0AA0

Net Weight (kg)

0,24 Kg

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In Stock

Packaging Dimension

13,10 x 15,20 x 5,10

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2-3 days 

Product family

SM 322 digital output modules


Supply voltage

Load voltage L+

● Rated value (DC) 24 V

● permissible range, lower limit (DC) 20.4 V

● permissible range, upper limit (DC) 28.8 V

Input current

from load voltage L+ (without load), max. 80 mA

from backplane bus 5 V DC, max. 80 mA

Power loss

Power loss, typ. 4.9 W

Digital outputs

Number of digital outputs 16

Limitation of inductive shutdown voltage to L+ (-53 V)

Switching capacity of the outputs

● on lamp load, max. 5 W

Load resistance range

● lower limit 48 Ω

● upper limit 4 kΩ

Output voltage

● for signal "1", min. L+ (-0.8 V)

Output current

● for signal "1" rated value 0.5 A

● for signal "1" minimum load current 5 mA

● for signal "0" residual current, max. 0.5 mA

Switching frequency

● with resistive load, max. 100 Hz

● with inductive load, max. 0.5 Hz

● on lamp load, max. 10 Hz

Total current of the outputs (per group)

horizontal installation

— up to 40 °C, max. 4 A

— up to 60 °C, max. 3 A

vertical installation

— up to 40 °C, max. 2 A

Cable length

● shielded, max. 1 000 m

● unshielded, max. 600 m

Interrupts/diagnostics/status information

Diagnostics function No


● Diagnostic alarm No

Diagnostic messages

● Wire-break No

● Short-circuit No

● Fuse blown No

● missing load voltage No

Diagnostics indication LED

● Rated load voltage PWR (green) No

● Fuse OK FSG (green) No

● Status indicator digital output (green) Yes

Potential separation

Potential separation digital outputs

● between the channels Yes

● between the channels, in groups of 8

● between the channels and backplane bus Yes; Optocoupler

Detailed Images 

1. S7-200 series PLC can provide 8 kinds of CPUs with 4 different basic models for selection.

2.S7-200 series PLC mainly has 6 kinds of expansion units. It has no CPU itself and can only be connected with the basic unit for expanding I/O points.


The PLC does not require a programmer when it is officially running. The programmer is mainly used for programming, storing and managing user programs, and sends the user program into the PLC. During the debugging process, monitoring and fault detection are performed. S7-200 series PLC can use a variety of programmers, generally can be divided into simple and intelligent.

The simple programmer is compact, simple and practical, and low in price. It is a good on-site programming and monitoring tool, but the display function is poor. It can only be input by the instruction list, which is not convenient enough. The intelligent programmer uses a computer to perform programming operations, and loads special programming software into the computer. It can be directly programmed in ladder language to realize on-line monitoring. It is very intuitive and powerful. The special programming software for S7-200 series PLC is STEP7. -Micro/WIN.

Program memory card

In order to ensure the safety of the program and important parameters, the general small PLC has an external EEPROM card box interface, through which the contents of the card box can be written into the PLC, and the programs and important parameters in the PLC can be transferred to the external EEPROM card box. As a backup. Program memory card EEPROM has 6ES

7291-8GC00-0XA0 and 6ES 7291-8GD00-0XA0, the program capacity is 8K and 16K steps respectively.


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