The Employment Prospect Related To PLC

- Nov 06, 2018-

At present, the main characteristics of China's economic development:

1, at present, China is still a large manufacturing country, is the world's production and processing center, there is a large number of manufacturing, we must use a variety of production equipment, most of the production equipment and PLC related, need a large number of proficient in PLC control practitioners.

2, the industrial structure has been adjusted, the gradual transformation of labor-intensive into technology-intensive, a large number of new equipment has been adopted, many of these devices are related to PLC control, the need for a large number of high-tech personnel.

PLC practitioners are mainly:

1, the enterprise's equipment maintenance and maintenance personnel;

2, engaged in industrial control equipment sales personnel;

3, engaged in equipment development, programming of electrical engineers.

PLC employment of the main industries are:

1. Power plants (including the distribution rooms of various companies and factories);

2. Software development (especially single-chip microcomputer or EDA, etc.);

3.PLC (generally the direction of industrial control, building operating platform, etc.);

4. Various mines, or metal smelting sites (maintenance of automation equipment, operation, etc.);

5. Go to school to be a teacher;

6. Do sales work (specializing in the sale of their own professional related things);

7. Civil servants, which are available in every profession;

8. What kind of research institutes;

9. Product design, is the hardware circuit design;

10. Automation professional Employment direction is very wide, carefully observe life will know a lot of automation equipment.

Mitsubishi PLC and Siemens are currently the most used plc, especially in China's coastal factories, but also mainly to the Japanese plc mainly, master Mitsubishi PLC technology for employment is a lot of help.