Requirements For Servo Feed Systems

- Nov 06, 2018-

1. Wide range of speed regulation

2, high positioning accuracy

3, there is enough transmission rigidity and high speed stability

4, fast response, no overshoot

In order to ensure the productivity and processing quality, in addition to the requirement to have a high positioning accuracy, but also requires a good fast response characteristics, that is, requires the tracking instruction signal response to be fast, because the CNC system in the start, braking, the requirements of adding and reducing acceleration is large enough, shorten the transition process time of the feed system, reduce the contour transition error

5, low speed and large torque, strong overload capacity

In general, the servo drive has more than 1.5 times times the overload capacity in a few minutes or even half an hour, and can overload 4~6 times in a short period of time without damage.

6, High reliability

It is required that the feed drive system of CNC machine tool has high reliability and good working stability, and has strong environmental adaptability and strong anti-jamming ability such as temperature, humidity and vibration.

Requirements for motors

1, from the lowest speed to the highest speed motor can run smoothly, torque fluctuation is small, especially at low speed such as 0.1r/min or lower speed, there is still a steady speed without crawling phenomenon. 

2, the motor should have a large long time overload capacity to meet the requirements of low-speed large torque.

General DC servo motor requirements in a few minutes overload 4~6 times without damage.

3, in order to meet the requirements of rapid response, the motor should have a small moment of inertia and a large plugging torque, and with the lowest possible time constant and start voltage. 4, the motor should be able to withstand frequent initiation, braking and reversal.