PLC Application

- Aug 13, 2019-

The ability of the PLC to control the amount of switching is very strong. 

The number of points in and out controlled is ten or more, dozens of 

points, and more than a few hundred, several thousand, or even tens of 

thousands. Because it can be networked, the points are almost unlimited, no 

matter how many points can be controlled.

The logic problems that are controlled can be varied: combined, sequential, 

instantaneous, delayed, uncounted, counted, fixed-order, random-operated, 

and the like.

The hardware structure of the PLC is variable, the software program is 

programmable, and it is very flexible for control. If necessary, you can 

write multiple sets or sets of programs and call them as needed. It is very 

suitable for the needs of multiple working conditions and multi-state 

transformation in industrial fields.

There are many examples of switching control with PLC, metallurgy, 

machinery, light industry, chemical industry, textiles, etc., which is 

needed in almost all industrial industries. At present, the first target of 

the PLC is also unmatched by other controllers, that is, it can be 

conveniently and reliably used for switching control.