Mitsubishi FX3U Series Programmable Logic

- Feb 11, 2019-

Main parameters

In the simulation: 

Up to 4 analog input/output or temperature input adapters can be connected. Through the self-use of PID instruction and numerical operation instruction, more complex simulation control can be carried out.

Up to 384 pips:

Controllable points: 0.065 us

CPU Memory:


Communication: Can be used with a programming port, a functional expansion board, and a communication adapter to achieve simultaneous use of up to 3 communication ports.

Show: LCD panel, in addition to the programmable controller can be monitored and set, but also in full-width text (corresponding to Chinese characters) to display user information.

The display module can be disassembled from the host, or it can be installed in the control cabinet door] and other parts of the structure.

Control mode: 6 points at the same time 100k3hz high-speed count, the realization of the maximum input frequency 100k3hz (1 Phase 6 points), 50KHz (2 Phase 2 points), 10KHz (1 Phase 2 points).

Simple positioning of independent 3-axis 100KHz.


Built-in CC-LINK</LT