Mitsubishi FX1S Series PLC Product Features

- Jun 28, 2019-

Mitsubishi FX1S series PLC product features:

1, host points 10/14/20/30, divided into transistor output / relay output, 

AC / DC power supply, with 2000 steps of storage capacity.

2, positioning and pulse output function: a PLC unit can simultaneously 

output 2 points 100KHz pulse.

3, PLC is equipped with 7 special positioning instructions, including zero 

return, absolute or relative address expression and special pulse output 


4, can be connected by the expansion board display module or analog amount, 

expand the input and output points.

5, you can use the expansion board to increase the analog potometer, input 

and output points increased.

6, and can install the display module FX1N-5DM, can monitor and edit 

timers, counters and data registers.

7, can also be through FX1N-2AD-BD, FX1N-1DA-BD to achieve analog volume 

input, output. 8. Network and data communication functions: multiple 

communication and data links, such as RS485, 422, 232, can be achieved by 

connecting extension boards or special adapters