History Of Siemens PLC

- Nov 06, 2018-

Siemens Simatic Series plc, born in 1958, experienced the C3,S3,S5,S7 series, has become a very widely used programmable controller.

1, Siemens products were first put on the market in 1975 Simatic S3, it is actually a binary controller with a simple operating interface.

2. In 1979, the S3 system was replaced by Simatic S5, a system that uses microprocessors extensively.

3, the early 1980s, S5 system further upgrade--u Series PLC, more commonly used models: S5-90U, 95U, 100U, 115U, 135U, 155U.

4, April 1994, the S7 series was born, it has a more international, higher performance level, smaller installation space, a better Windows user interface and other advantages, its models are: S7-200, 300, 400. 5. In 1996, in the field of Process Control, Siemens also proposed the concept of PCS7 (Process Control System 7), which would advantage WINCC (Windows-compatible interface), PROFIBUS (industrial Fieldbus), Coros (monitoring System),

SINEC (Siemens Industrial Network) and control technology are integrated.

6, Siemens company proposed TIA (totally Integrated Automation) concept, that is, fully integrated automation system, PLC technology dissolved in all areas of automation. S3, S5 Series PLC has gradually withdrawn from the market, stop production, and S7 Series PLC development has become the core of Siemens automation system control, and TDC system follows the Simadyn D technology kernel, is a further upgrade of the S7 series of products, it is the most cutting-edge Siemens automation system,

The most powerful programmable controller.