Fx3ga Is An All-in-one That Combines The Concept Of Simple Application

- Feb 08, 2019-

         Fx3ga is an all-in-one that combines the concept of simple application, with superior cost performance for small-scale control, large-capacity memory that can hold big notes, more than 30,000 points of data register, 60kH high-speed signal processing, and a simpler 3-axis positioning method. At the same time, FX3GA has flexible and rich expansion capabilities for application control in different industries.

It can be installed with a functional expansion board for use, can be connected to up to 4 adapters, temperature control and simulation input and output is very simple, no need to program only the adapter can be, but also 4ch simultaneous communication. Compared with the previous model, Fx3ga's speciality lies in its full network communication, confidentiality. Fx3ga only need to link the corresponding equipment, Ethernet words, MODBUSB, Cc-link and other network communications can be achieved, but also applicable to temperature regulators and drives, image detection equipment and other applications.