Development Trend Of Mitsubishi PLC

- Nov 06, 2018-

1: Product scale to large, small two direction of development: I/O points up to 14,336 points, 32 bits for microprocessors, multi-CPU parallel work, high-capacity memory, scanning speed high-speed. 

Small: The development of a small modular structure from the overall structure increases the flexibility of the configuration and reduces the cost. 2:PLC is increasingly widely used in closed-loop Process Control 3: continuous strengthening of communication functions 4:. New devices and modules continue to introduce high-end PLC in addition to the main use of CPU to improve processing speed, there are EPROM or RAM with processor intelligent I/O module, high-speed counting module, remote i/ 

o modules and other specialized modules. 

5: Programming tools are rich and varied, the function is constantly improving, programming language tends to standardize there are a variety of simple or complex programmers and programming software, the use of trapezoidal diagrams, functional diagrams, statement tables and other programming languages, but also high-end PLC instruction System 6: The development of fault-tolerant technology using hot standby or parallel work, majority voting mode of work. 7: The pursuit of software and hardware standardization.