Advantages Of Siemens PLC

- Nov 06, 2018-

1. Reliable 

PLC does not require a large number of moving components and wired electronic components. Its connection is greatly reduced. At the same time, the system maintenance is simple, maintenance time is short. PLC is designed using a series of reliability design methods. For example: redundant design. Power outage protection, fault diagnosis and information protection and recovery. PLC is a control device specially designed for industrial production process Control, which has a simpler programming language and more reliable hardware than universal computer control. A streamlined programming language is used.The programming error rate is greatly reduced.

2. Easy to operate 

PLC has a high degree of ease of operation. 

It has the characteristics of simple programming, convenient operation, easy maintenance and so on, it is generally not easy to operate errors. The operation of the PLC includes the operation of program input and program changes. The input of the program can be directly connected to display, the operation of the change program can also be directly based on the required address number or contact number to search or program looking for, and then make changes. PLC has a variety of programming languages to use. Used for trapezoidal diagrams are close to electrical schematics. Easy to master and understand. PLC has the self-diagnosis function to the maintenance personnel maintenance skills requirements are reduced.

In the event of a system failure, through the self-diagnosis of hardware and software, maintenance personnel can quickly find the location of the fault.

3. Flexibility 

The programming language used in PLC is trapezoidal diagram, Boolean mnemonic, function table diagram, function module and statement description programming language. The diversity of programming methods makes programming simple and application surface expansion.

The operation is very flexible and convenient, and it is easy to monitor and control variables.