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Product Name:cheap Mitsubishi servo driver unit MR-J2S-100A
Input voltage: 220V
Adapter motor: HC-SFS102
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Product Description


Product Name:cheap Mitsubishi servo driver unit MR-J2S-100A 


Input voltage: 220V

Adapter motor: HC-SFS102 

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The new original Mitsubishi MR-J2S series servo drive has matching HC-KFS series motor


Mitsubishi servo motor MR-J2S series selection

50 watts: driver MR-J2S-10A+ servo motor HC-KFS053

100 watts: driver MR-J2S-10A+ servo motor HC-KFS13

200 watts: driver MR-J2S-20A+ servo motor HC-KFS23

400 watts: driver MR-J2S-40A+ servo motor HC-KFS43

500 watts: driver MR-J2S-60A+ servo motor HC-SFS52

750 watts: driver MR-J2S-70A+ servo motor HC-KFS73

1000 watts: driver MR-J2S-100A+ servo motor HC-SFS102

1500 watts: driver MR-J2S-200A+ servo motor HC-SFS152

2000 watts: driver MR-J2S-200A + servo motor HC-SFS202

3500 watts: driver MR-J2S-350A + servo motor HC-SFS352

5000 watts: driver MR-J2S-500A + servo motor HC-SFS502


Product Description

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1. Digital Computer ,Used For Automation Of Electromechanical Processes.

2. Plcs Are Armored For Severe Conditions(Such As Dust, Moisture, Heat, Cold).

3. The Structure Of A Plc Can Be Divided Into Four Parts.They Are Input/Output Modules, Central Processing Unit(Cpu),



1. Armored for severe conditions and have the facility for extensive input/output (I/O) arrangements.

2. Read limit switches, analog process variables and the positions of complex positioning systems.

3. Operate electric motors, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, magnetic relays, solenoids, or analog outputs

4. Industry, Sequential relay control, motion control.

5. process control, distributed control systems and networking


1. Power industry, the elevator industry, parking, automobile, auto ancillary.

2. feed industry, aluminum smelting machines, refrigeration industry.

3. steel industry, combustion control systems, non-ferrous metal smelting.

4. glass industry, construction machinery, textile machinery, water treatment

Operating Elements


1 Mode:

Used to switch between display modes

2 Up/ Down:

Used to change display content and re-enter parameter data

3 Set:

Used to set parameters for auto-tuning and for switching to the test screen

4 Display:

4-digit, 7-segment display panel. Displays operating status, parameters, etc.

5 Battery holder/ connector:

Using to connect the battery for absolute position data backup.

Easier to operate than ever before

The display and setting sections are easy to operate. And with the advanced features it encorporates, the J2 is easy to start up.

6 I/O signal connector (CN1A):Used to connect digital I/O signals

7 I/O signal connector (CN1B):Used to connect digital I/O signals

8 Encoder connector (CN2):Used to connect the servo motor/ encoder

9 Communication connector (CN3):Used to connect a personal computer or as analog monitor output

j Charge lamp:Lit to indicate that the main circuit is charged. While this lamp is lit, do not reconnect the cables.k Name plate l Main circuit terminal block (TE1):Used to connect the input power supply and servo motor m Control circuit terminal block (TE2):Used to connect the control circuit power supply and regenerative brake option.

n Protective earth terminal (PE):Ground terminal

A complete Lineup of Features to make Setup easy User-friendly, from the way you turn ON the power to how connection checks and parameter settings are performed.

Turning the power ON and displaying the present status Approximately five seconds after you turn ON the power, the status display mode screen appears. You can display the desired operating parameter by pressing the UP or DOWN button


1 To prevent an electric shock, always connect the protective earth (PE) terminal of the servo amplifier to the protective earth of the control box.

2 Do not reverse the diode's direction. Connecting it backwards could cause the amp to malfunction so that signals are not output and emergency stop and other safety circuits are inoperable.

3 The emergency stop switch must be installed.

4 When using the regenerative brake option, always remove the lead from across D-P.

5 CN1A, CN1B, CN2 and CN3 have the same shape. Wrong connection of the connectors will lead to a fault.

6 Make sure that the sum of current flowing to external relays does not exceed 80 mA. If it exceeds 80 mA, supply interface power from an external source.

7 When starting operation, always switch on the external emergency stop signal (EMG) and forward/reverse rotation stroke end signal (LSN/LSP) (normally closed contacts).

8 The pins with the same signal name are connected in the servo amplifier.

9 The trouble (ALM) signal is on when there is no alarm, i.e. in the normal state. When the signal is switched off (at occurence of an alarm), the output of the controller should be stopped by the sequence


j Only for motors with electomagnetic brake.

k This length applies to the command pulse train input in the differential line driver system. The lenght is 2 m or less in the open collector system.