For Mitsubishi Plc Fx1n

Model Number : FX1N-40MT-D
Rated voltage: DC12~24V
Voltage allowable range: DC10.2~28.8V

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Model Number : FX1N-40MT-D

Rated voltage: DC12~24V

Voltage allowable range: DC10.2~28.8V

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Mitsubishi PLC English name also said: Mitsubishi programmable Logic Controller, Mitsubishi Electric in Dalian production of the main products. It uses a class of programmable memory for its internal storage programs, performs user-oriented instructions such as logical operations, sequential control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, and controls various types of machinery or production processes through digital or analog inputs/outputs.

Mitsubishi PLC is common in the Chinese market for the following models: fr-fx1n fr-fx1s fr-fx2n fr-fx3u fr-fx2nc fr-a/fr-q).

Product Markets :

FX1N-40MT-D is Mitsubishi PLC is the most advanced series in the FX family.

Features high-speed processing and the ability to expand a wide range of special function modules to meet individual needs, providing maximum flexibility and control for factory automation applications. FX1N-40MT-D is a new third-generation Mitsubishi PLC newly launched by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, which may be called a small supreme product. The basic performance is greatly improved. The basic unit of the transistor output type has built-in 3-axis independent maximum 100kHz positioning function, and adds new positioning commands, which makes the positioning control function more powerful and more convenient to use. FX1N-40MT-001 PLC: Based on the maintenance of the original powerful functions, the extremely large scale reduction I/O type wiring interface reduces the wiring cost and saves time.


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