For Mitsubishi Plc Analog Input Module

Our Part Number: FX3U-4AD-TC-ADP
Product Brand :Mitsubishi
Manufacturer Series:FX3U Series
Condition :100% brand New
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Product Description 

Our Part Number: FX3U-4AD-TC-ADP

Product Brand :Mitsubishi

Manufacturer Series:FX3U Series    

Condition :100% brand New

Mitsubishi Electric's automotive equipment technologies are at the core of many general, hybrid and next-generation clean-energy vehicles made by the world's major automobile manufacturers. In addition to supplying CPUs (the brain centre of automotive electronics), alternators, starters, electric power-steering systems and car multimedia systems, Mitsubishi Electric delivers a wide variety of cutting-edge and high-quality automobile components for greater amenity, safety and ecology.


Mitsubishi Products lineup includes.

1. Electrification Products:Inverter, Motor, EV Control Unit, Battery Management Unit, Motor Control Unit, On-Board Charger.

2. Charging & Starting Products: Alternator, Starter, Motor Generator, Flywheel ACG.

3. Engine Management Products: Gasoline Engine Control Unit, Control Unit (for motorcycle/marine), Revolution Sensor, Air-flow Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Intake-air Temperature Sensor, Injector, Ignition Coil, Fuel Pump Module, EGR Valve, Air Bypass Valve,Turbo Actuator, VVT Actuator,Actuator Drive Unit.

4. Transmission Control Products: Transmission Control Unit, Oil Pressure Control Solenoid Valve, Oil Temperature Sensor, Pulse Generator, Electric Oil Pump.

5. Electric Power Steering System Products: Brush Motor, Brush Motor Control Unit, Brushless Motor Controller Unit. 

Product Height (mm)   90

Product Width (mm)    17.6

Product Depth (mm)    89.5

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