For Mitsubishi Fx2n Series Plc Module

PLC type : FX2N
Total number of I / O channels: 64
Unit type : MPU - main unit
Output type : Relay

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PLC type : FX2N

Total number of I / O channels: 64

Unit type : MPU - main unit

Output type : Relay

[FX2N-64MR-001 input specifications]

◆ Enter the number of points: 32

◆ Input signal voltage: DC24V±10%

◆ Input signal current: 7mA/DC24V (5mA/DC24V after X010)

◆ Input ON current: 4.5mA or more (3.5mA/DC24V after X010)

◆ Input OFF current: 1.5mA or less

◆ Input response time:

About 10ms

The X000~X017 has a built-in digital filter.

Can be changed within the range of 0~60ms (X000, X001 is MIN.20μS, X002~ is MIN.50μS)

◆ Input signal: contact input or NpN open collector transistor

◆ Loop insulation: optocoupler isolation

◆ Input action display: LED lights when input is ON 

[FX2N-64MR-001 output specifications]

◆ Output type: relay output

◆ Output points: 32

◆ External power supply: AC250V DC30V or less

◆ Circuit insulation: mechanical isolation

◆ Action display: LED lights when the relay coil is energized

◆ Maximum load:

·Resistive load:

2A/1 point

8A/4 point COM

8A/8 point COM

·Inductive load: 80VA

·Light load: 100W

◆ Open circuit leakage current: none

◆ Minimum load: DC5V 2mA

◆ Response time: about 10ms

[FX2N-64MR-001 Power Supply Specifications]

◆ Input type: AC power DC input

◆ Rated voltage: AC100~240V

◆ Voltage allowable range: AC85~264V

◆ Rated pre-rate: 50/60Hz

◆ Allow instantaneous stop time:

Instantaneous power outage within l0ms, can continue to run.

When the power supply voltage is AC200V, it can be changed between 10~100ms through the user program.

◆ Power fuse: 250V 5A 5Ф*20mm

◆ Power consumption (VA): 60

◆ Inrush current: maximum 40A 5ms or less / AC100V, maximum 60A 5ms or less / AC200V

◆ Sensor power supply (no expansion module): DC24V 460MA or less 

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---3. Packing in professional anti-static bag.

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