For Mitsubishi Fx1s Controller

1.Model Number : FX1S-14MR-001
2.Belongs to the basic unit module
3. Comes with 8 input / 6 output
4. Using relay output input
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Product Description

1.Model Number : FX1S-14MR-001

2.Belongs to the basic unit module

3. Comes with 8 input / 6 output

4. Using relay output input

5. The power supply adopts AC alternating current, which is the simplest 14-point PLC in the 1S series.


The composition and function of the CPU in Mitsubishi FX1S-14MR-001

The CPU is the core of the PLC and functions as a nerve center. It is mainly composed of an arithmetic unit, a controller, a register, and a data, control, and status bus that implements the connection there between. The CPU unit also includes a peripheral chip, a bus interface, and related circuits. Each set of PLC has at least one CPU, which receives and stores the user program and data according to the functions given by the system program of the PLC, and scans the state or data sent by the field input device and stores it in the specified register. At the same time, diagnose the working state of the power supply and PLC internal circuits and the syntax errors during programming. After entering the operation, the instructions are read one by one from the user program memory, and after analysis, the corresponding control signals are generated according to the tasks specified by the instructions to command the relevant control circuits.

For the user, it is not necessary to analyze the internal circuit of the CPU in detail, but it should have sufficient understanding of the working mechanism of each part. The controller of the CPU controls the CPU to read, interpret, and execute the instructions, but the working rhythm is controlled by the oscillating signal. The operator is used for digital or logical operations and operates under the direction of the controller. The register participates in the operation and stores the intermediate result of the operation, which also works under the direction of the controller.

CPU speed and memory capacity are important parameters of the PLC. They determine the working speed of the PLC, the number of IOs, and the software capacity, thus limiting the scale of control.

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