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​Model number : Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-64MT / ES-A
Power supply: 100-240 VAC.
Power: 45 W
Origin: Mitsubishi - Japan

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Product Description

Model number : Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-64MT / ES-A

Power supply: 100-240 VAC.

Power: 45 W

Origin: Mitsubishi - Japan

Specification :

· Maximum Likelihood can expand up to 10 blocks on the new bus.

· The CPU with 64 I / O: 32 input and 32 output transistor (Sink)

· Memory program: 64,000 Steps

· Integrated real-time clock.

· Counter: 235

· Timer: 512

· Integrated portal RS232C, RS485.

· Cable connection: FX-USB-AW, USB-SC09, USB-SC09


Mitsubishi inverter FR-A740 series. Voltage level: 3 phase 400V. Frequency converter capacity: 15KW.

FR-A700 inverter products are suitable for all kinds of equipment with high load requirements.

Such as lifting, elevator, printing, printing and dyeing, material winding and other general-purpose applications Mitsubishi PLC user manual. High level of drive performance.

Unique sensorless vector control mode,

The FX3U-64MT/ES-A with torque control mode can be operated with high precision in ultra-low speed range without using an encoder.

And the torque limit function can be used in the speed control mode. With vector control (with encoder),

The inverter can realize position control and fast response, high-precision speed control (zero speed control, servo lock, etc.) and torque control. Application: Mount on the panel surface or use an L-shaped mounting bracket so that a dedicated cable can be used.

The F9GT-HCAB-__ M easily connects/disconnects the handheld GOT and RS-422 ports to the Mitsubishi PLC user manual. Accessories: L-shaped mounting bracket.

Applicable series: Handheld GOT (RH type). Mitsubishi inverter FR-D720 series. Voltage level: three-phase 200V. Frequency converter capacity: 0.4KW.

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Delivery methods: Via TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS, DNJ, DHL Express

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