What is Handling and Installation Considerations

- Feb 02, 2019-

Handling and Installation Considerations

Servo motors and servo amplifiers are precision machines that must be removed to avoid falling or being subjected to a powerful shock during handling.

The inside of the servo amplifier and the control cabinet, as well as other machines, need to maintain the specified spacing.

Do not exceed the prescribed quantity when handling and placing the machine and do not place heavy objects on the machine.

In the installation of servo motor must be firmly fixed on the machinery, otherwise in the servo motor operation will be literate.

The servo motor with the reducer must be installed in the specified direction to avoid oil spills. In order to protect the correct use of the shaft, mistakenly apply an out-of-range load on the shaft of the servo motor, not to tap the shaft of the servo motor, so as not to cause damage to the encoder and damage to the shaft.