The end user how to detect servo amplifiers and motors?

- Jan 30, 2019-

Servo amplifier and servo motor on the wiring should pay attention to the connection of the power terminal must be insulated treatment, otherwise it may cause electric shock. At the same time in the wiring need to be careful servo amplifier and servo motor power supply phase (U, V, W) to properly connect, otherwise it will cause the servo motor operation abnormal.

Not to connect the commercial power supply directly to the servo motor, otherwise it will cause a malfunction. In the wiring at the same time do not give the servo motor contact needle directly to test lead strips or similar testers, which will make the needle deformation, product contact is poor.

The connection method between the servo amplifier and the servo motor will vary depending on the series, capacity and electromagnetic brakes of the servo motor.

(1) When grounding to connect the ground line of the servo motor to the protection grounding (PE) terminal of the servo amplifier, the ground line of the servo amplifier is grounded by the protection terminal of the control cabinet. (2) The braking line of a servo amplifier with an electromagnetic brake shall be powered by a special dc24v power supply.