SIMATICMobile Panels Series 170 6-inch handheld panel

- Apr 28, 2019-

A Windows CE-based handheld panel for mobile HMI close to the machine with 

a combination of key and three variable touch operations for the PROFIBUS 

environment and the corresponding variables connected to the PROFINET. The 

SIMATIC Mobile Panel is a compact, ergonomic design that is rugged enough 

to meet industrial use requirements. Operate on them with touch screens and 

thin-film keyboards. Additional operating elements make it easier to use, 

allowing direct access in distributed IO.

As part of advanced security concepts, the Stop (stop) button can be used 

to stop the machine in case of an emergency.

If you know the exact number of structures for your HMI app, you use HMI to 

select Help, to determine the correct device for your task (the link on the 

right), and, if applicable, to display a performance reserve that you can 

use. For many devices, SIMATIC HMI offers starter packs, which have a clear 

advantage over the price of discrete devices.v