s7-1500 Epos control of V90PN through FB284

- Dec 21, 2018-

s7-1500 can connect sinmics V90 servo drive via profinet communication, set the control mode of the V90 drive to "basic position control (EPOS)", PLC through 111 messages and Tia

The function block FB284 in the driver library provided by portal enables V90 Epos basic positioning control, and this article describes the implementation steps.

Directory 1 Overview 2 Sina_pos (FB284) function block pin Introduction 3 Sina_pos function block function Realization 3.1 Overview 3.2 Sina_pos (FB284) operating mode 3.2.1 operating conditions 3.2 .2 absolute positioning run mode 3.2.3 relative positioning run mode 3.2.4 continuous operation mode (Setup mode) 3.2.5 back 3.2.6 Set 0 point position 3.2.7 Run Program block 3.2.8 pips (JOG) 3.2.9 Point-dynamic increments (JOG) 3.2.10 the software and hardware 4.2 used for 4 project configuration 4.1, based on the Modepos value of the run mode switching description S7- 

1500 project configuration steps 4.3 V90 PN project configuration steps