Precautions for wiring

- Feb 03, 2019-

Precautions for wiring

Whether for a servo amplifier or a servo motor, it is necessary to ensure that it is correct and reliable when wiring, and incorrect wiring may cause the wrong operation of the servo motor.

The servo motor should not be directly connected to the AC power supply, otherwise it will cause a malfunction.

On the servo amplifier output side, do not install power capacitors, surge absorbers and radio noise waves in servo motors and servo amplifiers (option FR-BIF)

The direction of the surge absorption diode installed on the output signal DC relay cannot be connected incorrectly, otherwise the emergency stop and other protection circuits may not work.

Precautions for trial runs and adjustments

Adjust and confirm the parameters correctly before running, otherwise an unexpected situation may occur at run time. Row adjustments and changes to parameters can cause instability in their operation.