Japan Mistubishi PLC Fx2n-16eyr-Es/UL Relay Output Module

- Dec 29, 2018-

Japan Mistubishi PLC FX2N-16EYR-ES/UL Relay Output Module

Brand: Mitsubishi
Product Name: Relay Output Module
Model: FX2N-16EYR
Input and output total points: 16 points
Output points: 16 points
Output type: relay output

The FX Series has built-in superior performance in a compact body for easy operation. In addition, a wide range of options to meet the needs of customers. Part of its rich functionality is introduced in the virtual factory.
The analog halo control for the purpose is simple. Analog devices can be expanded on all models of the FX series.
The function display panel and special adapter can communicate without programming.

FX2N expansion module:

An expansion module is an input/output expansion device that obtains power from a base unit or an extension unit.
You can select a relay or crystal output model to connect in 8 points.
Can be extended to FX3GAFX3G, FX3GE, FX3GC, and FX3U, FX3UC series.
When connecting FX3GC or FX3UC, FX2NC-CNV-IF or FX3UC-1PS-5V is required.
The number of connectable points depends on each basic unit and expansion unit