Instructions for use

- Feb 01, 2019-

Prevent electric shock In the servo amplifier wiring and maintenance operations, need to disconnect the power supply, to the charging indicator light completely extinguished, the use of multimeter to confirm the voltage after wiring and maintenance. or by a professional technician.

To avoid electric shock.

Servo amplifiers and servo motors must be effectively grounded.

Servo amplifiers and servo motors must be installed before wiring can be carried out to avoid electric shock.

Do not damage the cable or strong pull cable, not to use cable suspension of heavy loads and extrusion cables, in the operation of the switch should not misuse the wet hand for switching operation, to avoid electric shock.

Prevention of Fire

Misuse of flammable materials for installation in the installation of servo amplifiers, servo motors and regenerative braking resistors to avoid causing fires.

When the servo amplifier fails, the power supply should be cut off, and if the large current continues to pass, it may cause a fire. When using regenerative braking resistance, if abnormal signal should be disconnected when the power supply, due to the failure of regenerative brake transistor, may lead to abnormal heat of regenerative braking resistance caused by fire.