How to repair servo amplifiers

- Jan 28, 2019-

Anti-jamming technology´╝Ü

Noise interference consists of two categories, one from the outside into the servo amplifier and may guide its operation abnormalities, the other is radiated by the servo amplifier and may cause the surrounding equipment to run abnormally.

Servo amplifiers are electronic devices controlled by weak signals, so the following precautions are usually required. In addition, because the servo amplifier outputs the current through a high-speed switch, a noise source is formed. When the noise causes the surrounding equipment to run abnormally, anti-jamming measures should be taken.

Noise propagation passes differently, and the anti-jamming measures used are different.

(1) General measures

Servo amplifier power line (input and output cable) and signal line should avoid parallel wiring and beam wiring, should be as separate as possible wiring.

Encoder cables and signal control lines should use shielded twisted-pair wires, and the terminals of the shielding layer should be connected to the SD.

Servo amplifiers and servo motors should be grounded at the same point.