How to maintain Mitsubishi products

- Jan 29, 2019-

(1) External interference that enters the servo amplifier and causes it to operate abnormally.

If there are many noise sources installed near the servo amplifier, such as electromagnetic contact, electromagnetic brakes, multiple relays and so on, in order to prevent the servo amplifier from running abnormally, it is necessary to take the following three points to resist interference.

Install a surge absorber on the jamming source device to suppress interference.

Install the data line filter on the signal line.

Grounding the encoder cable and signal control line through the cable card head.

(2) Interference caused by the abnormal operation of the surrounding machine radiated from the servo amplifier.

The noise generated by the servo amplifier consists of two kinds, the first is radiated by wires connected to the main circuit of the servo amplifier, and the other is transmitted by electromagnetic induction or static electricity through the source cable of the equipment around the main circuit cable.