Guide to the overall planning of digital chemical plants

- Apr 30, 2019-

Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, IoT, 

VR/AR and other cutting-edge technology nouns a wave of refreshing our 

understanding, because they do is the market and consulting work, the 

market's cutting-edge technology and hotspot contact is also more, as if 

these technologies have become a cliché, go out without talking about 

quantum computing, Deep Learning are embarrassed to say hello to others. 

However, we are serving the manufacturing industry, is the need for real 

knife guns to dry out products, then is it necessary for all enterprises to 

use the new technology term?

Is the traditional informationization and management technology out of 

date? Recently found that the talk of "Industry 4.0" more and less, talk 

about "information application", "overall planning and design" and "phased 

implementation of landing" enterprises more and more. And many 

manufacturing companies have begun to lay out the construction of digital 

factories, so let's go through this article to talk about the "digital 

factory" construction is going on.