DVP-20PM Series

- Mar 09, 2019-

Professional Motion Control


Compatible with G-code/m-code, 3-axis linear/arc/spiral interpolation motion control

Support for electronic cam function (2048 points) and flying shear, clipping applications, is the motion control host, but also the expansion module

▲ 16-point I/O host with maximum expansion I/O to 512 points

▲ Program Nice: 64k steps/Data register: 10k words

▲ built-in RS-232 and RS-485 communication port, compatible with standard Modbus ASCI/RTU communication protocol

Motion control function;

▲ built-in/b differential signal output: 2 groups (DVP20PM00D) 13 groups (DVP20PM00M), maximum differential output frequency 500kHz

▲ Support hand Wheel Direct input

▲ Single-axis motion control function (1-segment speed, 2-segment speed, hand wheel input) ▲ Electronic gear function