Detailed introduction of Siemens PLC

- Nov 06, 2018-

1. SIMATIC S7-200 PLC S7-200 PLC is ultra-Miniaturized plc, it is suitable for all walks of life, all kinds of occasions of automatic detection, monitoring and control. The powerful function of S7-200 PLC enables it to achieve complex control functions regardless of stand-alone operation, or connected networks.

The S7-200PLC offers 4 different basic models and 8 CPUs to choose from. 

2. SIMATIC S7-300 plc s7-300 is a modular small PLC system that can meet the requirements of medium performance applications. A wide range of systems can be combined between individual modules to form different requirements. Compared with S7-200 PLC, S7-300 PLC adopts modular structure, with high speed (0.6~0.1μs) instruction operation speed, and more complex arithmetic operation is realized by floating-point operation. A software tool with standard user interface makes it easy for users to assign parameters to all modules ; Convenient human-machine interface services have been integrated into the S7-300 operating system, the programming requirements of man-machine dialogue greatly reduced. The Simatic Man-machine Interface (HMI) obtains data from s7-300 and s7-300 transmits it at a user-specified refresh speed. The s7-300 operating system automatically handles the transmission of data, and the intelligent diagnostic system of the CPU continuously monitors whether the system functions properly, logs errors and special system events (e.g. timeout, module replacement, etc.), and multilevel password protection enables users to protect their technical secrets highly and effectively, Prevent unauthorized copying and modification; S7-300 PLC has the operation of the choice of switch, operation mode selection switch like a key can be unplugged, when the key is unplugged, can not change the mode of operation, so as to prevent illegal deletion or rewriting of the user program. With powerful communication capabilities, S7-300 Plc provides communication configuration capabilities through the user interface of the programming software Step 7, which makes configuration very easy and simple. S7-300 Plc has a variety of communication interfaces, and through a variety of communication processors to connect the As-i bus interface and industrial Ethernet bus system, serial communication processor used to connect point-to-point communication system, multipoint interface (MPI) integrated in the CPU, for simultaneous connection of programmers, PCs,

Man-Machine interface system and other automatic control systems such as Simatic S7/M7/C7. 

3. SIMATIC S7-400 plc S7-400 PLC is a programmable controller for medium and high grade performance range. The S7-400 plc features a modular, fan-free design that is reliable and durable, with a variety of levels (features gradually upgraded) CPUs and templates with a variety of common features, allowing users to combine different dedicated systems as needed. When the size of the control system expands or escalates, as long as some templates are appropriately added, the system can be upgraded and fully meet the needs.