Delta AS series PLC

- Mar 09, 2019-

Delta as Series PLC is a high-order generic controller designed for automation equipment. With Delta's self-developed 32bitSoC CPU, it significantly improves performance (up to K steps 1 ms), expanding up to 32 modules or up to 1,024 points/o, and powerful positioning control to support up to 8 axes canopen motion Network/6 axis 200kHz pulse control at the same time,

Suitable for high-order mechanical equipment control.

Product Features:

▲ significantly improved performance with Delta's self-developed 32-bit SOC processor (40KSTEPS1MS)

▲ Powerful positioning control function, can support up to 8 axis CANopen Motion Network/6-axis khz pulse skin control

▲ the use of rugged non-backplane structure, with the rapid installation mechanism design, patent buckle structure, can be "straight up/Down" replacement module, easy to install ▲ with professional, simple editing software interface Ispsoft V3.0, quickly complete hardware and network settings, built into a number of industry-specific functional blocks, convenient for customers to apply