Braking mode of servo motor

- Nov 06, 2018-

Users tend to be confused about the role of electromagnetic braking, regenerative braking, dynamic braking, choosing the wrong accessories.

Dynamic brakes consist of dynamic braking resistors, which shorten the mechanical feed distance of the servo motor through energy consumption braking in the event of fault, emergency stop and power outage.

Regenerative braking means that when the servo motor slows down or stops, the energy generated by the brake is fed back to the DC bus through the inverter circuit and absorbed by the resistive capacitance loop.

Electromagnetic braking is the shaft that locks the motor through a mechanical device.

The difference between the three: (1) Regenerative braking must work only when the server is working properly, and the motor cannot be braked in case of fault, emergency stop, power outage, etc.

Dynamic brakes and electromagnetic brakes do not require a power supply when working.

(2) The work of regenerative braking is the automatic system, while the work of dynamic brake and electromagnetic braking needs external relay control.

(3) Electromagnetic braking generally in SV, off after the start, otherwise it may cause amplifier overload, dynamic brakes are generally in SV, off or main circuit power outage after the start, otherwise it may cause dynamic braking resistance overheating.